Digital Solutions

Get a complete digital package for your business with our low-cost solutions.  Octopi Digital is great for any local small business owner looking to grow their business into the mobile era.


Our goal is to create a digital connection between your business and its clients.  With our digital solutions, your business can interact with clients efficiently and provide personalized experiences.



Having a PWA/Mobile App for your business brings benefits that are unseen by most competitors

  1. Allow customers to check out and purchase directly through mobile device.  Very easy to use and efficient for the user

  2. Tag onto website - whenever someone is on mobile, app will be brought up directly = SEO VALUE

  3. Loyalty program

  4. Know your customer better - analytics off each user

  5. Integrate with social and website

  6. Push Notifications


SEO execution is key for any company to be recognized.  Your products can be relevant and seen with the following strategy:

  1. Keyword and Phrase Research + Optimization: keywords and phrases throughout your website, PWA, and social pages -> including page titles and headers. Be very specific with the keywords and phrases, and make the site efficient for the user.

  2. Up-To-Date Website + High-Quality Written Content: keep website up-to-date with products, company news, etc.  Have a recurring weekly blog based off keyword and phrase research.  This will increase engagement and drive extra traffic.

  3. Integrate website with social, vice-versa:  make sure the website and social platforms are efficient with content, keywords, phrases, and are all linked up.  

  4. Add Huko to Google My Business, local directories, and try to link with relevant sites/pages.


Social is the way to connect with customers, grow the name, and attract new customers.  A social plan for your business would look like:

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly posts/campaigns on social accounts (suggested: Facebook, & maybe Instagram as it develops)

  • Engagement with followers, similar pages, relevant pages, those interested in the products, and recent customers - follow their pages, like & share their content, message them

Reviews campaigns - get feedback!


  • Email Marketing

    • Email capture through social, web, and PWA

    • Email marketing campaigns - lead generation, review campaign

  • Automation

    • Automate tasks like emails, email response, social media, research, data management using Google Drive

  • Industry Research/Update Reports

  • Analytics