MCCFL is a doctor-run organization dedicating to providing access to medical marijuana for patients across the state of Florida. Facing an outdated website and a lack of advanced digital strategies, MCCFL reached out to Octopi Digital in need of an online update.

Octopi Digital’s team of software engineers and marketers was able to give MCCFL the necessary tools to increase the reach of their services. We built a local lead generation website that was tailored to the needs of MCCFL’s target market. Then, we developed and executed a Google Ads and Google My Business campaign, as well as an email campaign across the state of Florida.

Our customized online strategy was successful in optimizing MCCFL’s online presence. In less than two months, MCCFL had seen a 40% increase in web traffic and higher conversion rates.

The MCCFL team continues to work with Octopi Digital to keep their website up-to-date and take advantage of the latest in digital marketing science. We are honored to have partnered with such a valuable medical organization and are committed to contributing to their success.

Octopi Digital looks forward to helping MCCFL continue their mission to modernize access to medical marijuana and facilitating better patient care.