Madison’s Niche is an online boutique specializing in women’s clothing and home items. After decades of success as a brick and mortar, Madison’s Niche was looking to take their business to the online realm in order to expand their reach. That’s where Octopi Digital came in.

Octopi Digital was hired to create a comprehensive digital solution for Madison’s Niche. We designed and developed a Shopify website for Madison that was user-friendly, modern, and showcased all of their products. We also developed custom software to handle order and product listings, and managed their Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Email Marketing software and campaigns.

Our team worked closely with the Madison’s Niche to create an online presence that made a statement. Our modern website design optimized and organized products in a visually appealing way, allowing customers to have a better shopping experience.

In addition, our custom software streamlined their order and product listing process, making it easier for the Madison’s Niche team to manage inventory. On the marketing front, our campaigns were targeted to local customers in the Madison’s Niche brick and mortar locations, as well as nationwide customers.

Within the first 3 years of working together, Madison’s Niche online presence had grown exponentially. Their sales had risen considerably, their website traffic had increased by 400%, and their email open rates had doubled.

Octopi Digital is proud to have helped Madison’s Niche make the successful transition from brick and mortar to the virtual world. Our comprehensive digital solutions gave them the leverage to reach customers all across the country and increase their online presence. We look forward to continue to support Madison’s Niche as they grow their business.