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The World Human Accountability Organization (WHAO) is a growing 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in New York City with partners and activities throughout Asia, North America and Africa. WHAO has 3 major areas of focus, which are Equality in Education, Poverty Relief, and Environmental Protection. Their approach works as an ecosystem that includes improving global healthcare access, eliminating poverty, creating economic opportunities, protecting the environment, fostering cultural awareness, promoting education, striving for world peace and giving back through philanthropy. Their organization is currently seeking opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and individuals to impact and inspire more people.

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WHAO visited the Jilin Mental Hospital in China - to sit and understand the feelings and struggles each patient overcomes. It was a great event for their team in Asia and they look forward to helping more communities throughout Asia.

WHAO Chairman Zhu personally cooked dumplings for more than 300 patients at the Jilin Mental Hospital and provided a healthy and nutritious dinner for everyone. He also donated money to improve the hospitals’s maintenance and equipment.



WHAO joined Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation of the State of New York, idig2learn, Big Reuse to promote a healthier ecosystem and sustainable living.

Sara Qihan Dong, the project manager at WHAO, demonstrated to 100+ participants how to use food scraps to make beautiful natural dyes for fabric.

The World Human Accountability Organization (WHAO) is dedicated to protecting the environment and is firmly involved in the sustainability efforts supported by the UN SDGs.