It's time you take your business digital.

  • 92% of time use on digital platforms are on Apps
  • 5 hours a day is spent on some form of device
  • Consumers favor businesses with strong digital and mobile presences that allow them to connect to businesses efficiently and effectively 
Octopi Digital’s digital marketing campaign has helped my sales team in great ways. By using them to leverage my time, I can focus on what counts while they generate positive leads for the business
— Robert S., Sales
“We are getting tremendous results and look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with [Octopi Digital] into other platforms.”
— M. Curry, EB Studio

10 reasons why digital marketing is necessary for your business


email marketing

Email marketing campaigns allow your business to contact potential leads directly.  Gmail's user base is expected to grow up to 3.5 billion by 2020!

mobile use

Over 80% of internet users are off smartphones!  With the growing use in mobile, your business needs a platform to be seen on the mobile device.  

social media

Social Media isn't going anywhere.  Over 1 billion people use Facebook, and in the younger generations 35% say Instagram is the top social media network and up to 90% of Millennials sign onto Twitter once a day!

search engine optimization 

Being seen on the first page of Google is as important as ever.  A business today can't rely on being stuck on page two of search engines.  



Having an updated website is key to making your business look professional and successful.  This includes design, optimization and keeping content updated!

grow your brand name

With the help from social media, businesses can now launch successful branding campaigns to ensure they're staying connected and engaged with their target audience.  

content marketing

Blogging in 2017 is predicted to increase by almost 75% of B2B marketers.  The average per month is 2-5 blog posts.  This leaves your business very little room to fall behind. 


Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows businesses to easily track the results and make the neccessary changes. 

it's the future 

Today's world is digital and this isn't going to change one bit, with the rise in future technologies marketing digitally is crucial today before it gets too late.  

conversion to sales

Using digital marketing as a tool to convert leads into sales is becoming more and more efficient.  Using successful digital marketing strategies can grow your business fast.