E-Commerce Growth

Within the past several years, e-commerce has grown from helping merchants across online marketplaces to now small businesses serving their local communities. From 2016 to 2022, the industry is expected to grow from 400 to 700 billion USD. Just the apparel and accessories category is projected to bring in over 140 billion USD by 2022.

The move to e-commerce has brought many innovations and opportunities for all business owners. Currently there are over two-five million marketplace sellers on Amazon and in 2017 there was an estimated 1.1 million new sellers. This increase has brought on opportunity and hurdles for new entrepreneurs, we’ve found the following to be the key components in today’s e-commerce:

  1. Cross-Border Competition and Global E-Commerce Merchants are on the rise

  2. Follow the E-Commerce trends

  3. Omni-Channel, or “New Retail”, is increasing in innovation and opportunity

  4. Effective digital E-Commerce Marketing is the key to success

By 2020, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.
— Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper, Co-CEOs of Bigcommerce

Cross-Border E-Commerce

Cross-Border E-Commerce refers to the online distribution between a merchant and consumer (B2C) or business and business (B2B). This is successfully done via marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and other global platforms.

Selling cross-border offers the opportunity to get ahold of the potential of selling different products and industries, expanding into international markets, and increasing revenue. By expanding internationally, e-commerce merchants enter a borderless world and have the opportunity to break into markets with little extra effort. And as they develop and run successful digital marketing campaigns, their audience increases and as a result revenue and sales increase as well.

E-Commerce Trends

  • Marketplaces are increasing in value - as popular marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba enter new industries such as Travel, Food, and Local Services, the value in global marketplaces are expected to continue to grow throughout the coming decade.

  • Sharing Economy - as apps and services like Airbnb, Uber, and Peerby increase in popularity and consumer trust, the economy is shaping up to become more of a sharing economy. Consumers no longer need own every product, they simply want to use them whenever they need.

  • Subscription Services - Spotify, Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, and HelloFresh have brought subscription services to the front of our economy. Consumers enjoy the ability to save costs on products they regularly use.

  • Tailor-Made - a key component in e-commerce is personalization. As digital marketing matures, companies have the ability to understand each individual customer clearly and market their product or service to fit their personal need. This opens the door for tailor-made, custom-made products delivered via e-commerce.

  • Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence - while both technologies are still being developed, VR and AI will bring new innovations to the e-commerce industry.

Omni-Channel - “New Retail”

Today’s market requires business, small to large, to realize the opportunity of launching an “omni-channel” approach to marketing their goods or services. Coined as the “New Retail” from Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma, omni-channel means bringing the customer through the same experience across all channels — online and offline. The consumer has to be the focus point when it comes to their brick and mortar experience, online website experience, social media engagement, and additional channels. A seamless experience is key.

We approach our clients with omni-channel solutions through our e-commerce, digital marketing, and sales & distribution strategies. Our focus is increasing customer engagement through all important channels — physical stores, online store, social medias, apps, and offline sales.

Effective digital marketing for E-Commerce

To be a successful e-commerce merchant, there needs to be a focus on reaching the target audience through engaging digital marketing campaigns. Reaching the target audience requires complete strategies across the following channels:

  • SEO/SEM/Website Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Display Marketing/PPC

  • Content Marketing

And typically the KPI and marketing goals are to penetrate the market, develop the brand name, engage with customers, and experiment with additional Ad Copy, demographics, messaging, and strategies. To achieve growth, e-commerce merchants need to understand who they’re marketing to and how they want to marketed to. Successful e-commerce merchants find ways to connect with their target audience through engaging, innovative, and convincing content.

Our E-Commerce solutions:


E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce marketing requires various campaigns that drive traffic and awareness of the site and listing. This means effective social media presence, SEO, content marketing, and optimized listings. Our team has several e-commerce specialists whom are dedicated to managing effective e-commerce campaigns.


PPC Campaigns

Being a successful e-commerce merchants requires an effective PPC campaign that drives traffic and conversions to your listings. This includes PPC in marketplaces such as Amazon, social media such as Facebook, and search engines such as Google Shopping.


External Traffic

Leveraging our capabilities in digital marketing, we help e-commerce sellers increase external traffic to their listings from various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, forums such as Reddit, Quora, and others.


Amazon/Marketplace Optimization

Having an up-to-date and optimized listing is crucial for success. We optimize content, keywords, images, and various other features to increase rankings and sales.



Increase traffic, conversions, and sales with Octopi Digital

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