Does Video Content Increase Online Engagement?

Figuring out what type of content is crucial for social media marketing success. We conducted a study to see how much video content weighs on overall engagement with one of our e-commerce partners. The results are clear…

Video content is crucial for online success. Your target audience is online — via mobile and desktop — almost 50% of their day, scrolling down their feeds, emails, and forums. Publishing videos gets their attention and forces them to engage.

Our insight saw a .30 correlation between change in video views and total daily post engagements. Meaning, when your page sees an increase in views, it will see a substantial increase in engagements.

Did video cause an increase in Facebook-generated revenue?

On days where video views was high and the short-term trend was high (# of daily views today > yesterday), Facebook revenue saw an increase! In total, a .20 correlation is moderate, but shows some positive relationship.

How to produce video content for your business?

Thanks to many content tools, including Facebook Creative Hub, you can create video content for your business in an easy, efficient manner. Make content that fits your target audience — ask yourself, “When my customer sees my brand, what do I want them to see?” For example, in our study we worked with a online jewelry store and we used short videos that highlighted all the features of their new line of necklaces.

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