AI Marketing Startup - Siraj Raval

The benefits of AI in marketing; a quick insight into Siraj Raval’s VectorFunnel

Siraj Raval continues to publish engaging YouTube content on AI, Machine Learning, and their applications for various industries. Recently, he posted a video on making an AI startup for lead generation where sales teams can upload their data sheets and a ML model will rate each lead on whether or not they are likely to close in a timely manner. His thoughts on making this was that the current marketplace doesn’t have an efficient AI lead scorer - something that can help sales save time, money, and make better decisions. The current market lacks better lead scores with more updated AI techniques, a simple easy-to-use application, and a better pricing system. We’re posting the video below so you can watch and learn for yourself. Siraj is a great source for anyone interested in learning about AI and computer science. His videos include real world applications and the details that make it happen.

Octopi Digital and AI Marketing

Following the footsteps of people like Siraj and other players in the AI space, we’re currently launching new projects in developing applications that help SMEs and marketers be more efficient with their time, money, and decision-making process with the help from AI, automation, and data. Stay tuned!

Watch below:

Siraj built an app called VectorFunnel that automatically scores leads for marketing & sales teams! I used React for the frontend, Node.js for the backend, PostgreSQL for the database, and Tensorflow.js for scoring each lead in an excel spreadsheet. There are a host of other tools that he used like ClearBit's data API and various Javascript frameworks.

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