Finding The Right Audience On Facebook

When starting a new ad campaign on Facebook, there are two things that matter the most: the target audience and the content. We’ve recently launched new adsets for Monogram Online ( and focused on narrowing the target audience to an optimal number. Here are our thoughts.

Using past data (i.e. Customer emails, names, data, etc.) to build custom audiences on Facebook

A Custom Audience on Facebook is a type of audience you can create by using existing customers and data points. You can target ads to the audience you've created on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, becoming an efficient way to re-market to customers and to develop a deeper connection between customer and brand.

Very simply, you upload, copy and paste or import your hashed customer list, then Facebook will use the data to match the people on your list to people on Facebook. This makes it incredibly easy to build ads that target specific customers and/or to exclude customers in order to find new audiences. For example, with our recent Monogram campaign, we were able to target specific customers out of their entire list. For ads marketing ABC product, we specifically targeted their past customers and look-a-likes (LAL) who are interested in XYZ.

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Creating Look-A-Likes (LAL’s) on top of custom audiences

After we uploaded and created a good customer audience with past emails and data points, the next step was to create look-a-like audiences. LAL’s allowed us to expand Monogram’s reach, outside of the customer audience, but still target profiles that are highly specific and similar to those past customers. This is the power of Facebook’s data and its ability to leverage machine learning algorithms to find similar profiles.

Learn more on Facebook’s Look-A-Likes here.

Going beyond customer audiences and LAL’s; Creating audiences through layered targeting with interests, demographics, and behaviors

A really powerful thing about Facebook is its ability to make specific target audiences based on very specific interests, demographics, and behaviors. An example is the ability to create ads targeting Mothers of 6-10 year olds, living in a top 25% home, interested in ballet, dance, and theater. We used an audience similar to this to build some ads for Long Island’s premier ballet academy,

Easily use combinations of behaviors, demographics, and geolocation data to reduce your audience to a defined audience interested in your product, service, or brand. The ability to match ad creative and offers to smaller audiences created using combinations of data - an example would be targeting New Yorker’s with ads with “New York” in it. Allowing your message to be tailored to speak directly to that problem and offer your solution. This is target marketing at its finest!

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