The Importance of Offline Marketing

Over the weekend, we attended the Long Island Home Show at Nassau Coliseum for Distinct Building Supply. It was a successful event because it gave us the chance to meet with consumers who are interested in our products and to hear what they have to say. We heard what they wanted, liked, and vice-versa, which allows us to adjust the current strategy to fit the needs of our customers. This opportunity gave us plenty of insights as to the importance of offline marketing when compared to today’s digital online focus.

Why is offline marketing important?

It’s common for business owners to overlook offline or traditional ways of marketing and focus only on new digital trends like social media, email, internet, and mobile. Although digital marketing appears to be the only way to reach today’s consumers, offline marketing remains an important way to connect with customers and to better understand the market. It allows you to network, attract quality leads, offer demos, and printed content.

O2O - Blending online marketing and offline marketing to create better experiences for your customers

What happens when "O2O" commerce feeds back information not just online to offline, but offline back to online? In other words, digital doesn't just affect physical; it now goes in the other direction, too.
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