Women's Fashion & E-Commerce

Through research and a small test, we believe there is an opportunity for growth in the Women’s Fashion & Accessories industry in e-commerce. By far it’s considered a fast growing industry on Amazon, which reflects an online acceptability for the category. Our plan is to improve and test our ability to deploy an engaging Shopify store, e-commerce marketing, and quickly build an Amazon 3P seller account for the product line. The ability to import over 2,000 SKUS on Amazon, to drop ship inventory, can be a strategy that pays off with minimized exposure. Join the price war games of Amazon by posting wholesale listings with lower margins for in-demand products is a potential way for simple, passive income flow into Octopi,

How to do it

  1. Find your product(s) through in-depth research and considerations into total budget

  2. Create a simple, efficient experience for online shoppers with an independent Shopify store

  3. Run a two-three week test of daily adspend on social medias

  4. Enter marketplace e-commerce such as Amazon and Walmart

To execute step one is a simple but a serious decision. Step two is difficult is where you need to design an online store, set it up with good content and ability to catch data, and market via organic digital marketing and paid adspend on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. Automation is also your great assistant helping with email marketing, analytics, social media marketing, and more.

Very simply we chose swimwear and general apparel and accessories. Our goal is to learn the processes and find a style that fits. We’ve been spending roughly $50 a day in adspend, generally a low number when considering very successful stores, and have been good in driving traffic, converting, and retargeting.

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