WFTCPC: B2B Buying Behaviors

Took some of the data from WFTCPC/XD Global’s Janice Kennedy provided from recent clients and created a quick report.

For B2B wholesale buys, client specific behavior is key — what type of products, quantity of orders, logistics, etc. Although still there is behavior that’s common among most B2B buyers.

  • Buying cycles are summer and pre-holidays

  • Focus on the quality of products and the marginal costs for higher quality

  • Look for direct trusted relationship

Just this insight alone can help out. For example by knowing the seasonal trends of B2B purchases, you can now automate an email marketing and social media campaign towards this behavior. Create the content that is personalized to the current stage of the buying cycle.

Below are some quick notes, email me if you want to discuss -


This chart represents the monthly sales volume for the product line listed above. It shows there are some tendencies in B2B buying behavior. B2B Buyers typically have specific buying cycles that can be predicted easily. Buying activity follows the trend: low in february/march, peaks in july/august, remains active throughout November, December, and January.


Understanding this data allows us to develop a strategy following:

1. Develop personalized relationships and conduct market research with clients during Q1 and Q2

2. Fulfill product sourcing in large order quantities during Q3 and Q4

If you’re interested contact jake@octopidigital to get the complete report with real data

Jake S

Octopi Digital